22.04.22 | Reports

The charitable foundation clearly tells about its income, goals and results.

The Charitable Foundation operates transparently and in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

Open communication

We provide open communication with the community by various means. We maintain open contacts with reputable people and the press: we provide access to information on the Charter of the Charitable Foundation, the composition of the board, goals, procedures, activities, profits and expenses. At the request of the community, we openly provide information on investment policy. We disseminate information about the results of our programs and the impact of our activities.

Regular reporting

We publish regular reports or a specially designed information package, which consists of:

  • comparison of the goals and activities of the charitable foundation for the reporting period and previous years;
  • conclusions on the sources of income, profits and expenses, such as the balance sheet of the organization and cost items;
  • descriptive report on assistance programs / grants;
  • list of board members;
  • staff composition.
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