Annual Conference of the International Society for Human Rights

28.04.22 | Blog

The International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) was founded on April 8, 1972 in Frankfurt am Main. This significant birthday was celebrated at the 50th Annual Conference on April 9 and 10, 2022 in Bonn. Former Federal President Joachim Gauck and other prominent guests also accepted the invitations.

Our representatives from the Charitable Organization “INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FOUNDATION” CONSTRUCTION AND WELL-BEING OF UKRAINE “were also present at the anniversary. A number of various pressing issues were raised regarding the difficult situation in Ukraine caused by the war of aggression and treachery declared by Russia.

GFM has been sending humanitarian aid trucks to Eastern Europe for 40 years: in 1981 after the imposition of martial law in Poland to support persecuted Solidarity supporters, since 1990 to victims of the Ceausescu regime in Romania, since 1992 to victims of the Ceausescu regime in Romania. The Yugoslav war in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, since 1993 after the collapse of the Soviet Union for the poor and abandoned children in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia, since 2020 for oppositionists from Belarus who fled to Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

ISHR is currently providing humanitarian assistance to refugees from Ukraine on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, as well as on the Ukrainian-Polish border.

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