About us

Charitable organization “International Charitable Foundation “Reconstruction and prosperity of Ukraine”

Our team consists of high-level specialists in various fields of activity, but we are united by the idea of what and how we can help make people’s lives in Ukraine better? The foundation gives us the opportunity to help more on a regular basis.

The objectives of the Foundation’s charitable activities are to provide assistance to promote the legitimate interests of beneficiaries in the field of charitable activities, as well as the development and support of these areas in the public interest.

Our Foundation carries out charitable activities, primarily in the following areas:

  • assistance to victims of military aggression in Ukraine, refugees, internally displaced persons in difficult life circumstances;
  • promoting the protection of the population in emergencies of martial law and peace;
  • promoting the implementation of programs and measures aimed at rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure of Ukraine;
  • promoting the implementation of regional, local and international programs aimed at
    to improve the socio-economic situation in Ukraine;
  • upholding human and civil rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • development of international cooperation of Ukraine.


Fundamental principles


The Charitable Foundation operates in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the Charter of the Foundation, international and European conventions ratified in Ukraine.

Monitoring and evaluation

  • monitoring and evaluation according to the level of donations or services provided, as well as the level of support;
  • use the results of such monitoring (evaluation) to improve performance;
  • we publish the results of monitoring.


The Charitable Foundation clearly announces its charitable donations, goals and results. It operates in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and is transparent – there is access to reporting on charitable donations, their intended use and reports.


The foundation informs stakeholders about its activities, operating on its indicators, and also voluntarily shares its experience with colleagues. There are many issues that can be resolved only in cooperation, uniting to achieve a common goal for the benefit of the citizens of Ukraine.

By uniting the efforts of society, business, the state, foreign partners, philanthropists, we provide emergency assistance to the victims, rebuild the destroyed infrastructure and the well-being of Ukraine.

Principle 5. Management

The Chairman of the Fund is a permanent sole executive body of the Fund, which exercises its powers in this position on a voluntary basis, without receiving salary or other remuneration, and acts on behalf of the Fund in the manner and within the powers established by law and this Statute.

Disposes of the Fund’s funds in accordance with the approved estimates and charitable programs, as well as disposes of other property of the Fund within the limits set by the Statute.

He is accountable on all issues of his activity to the general meeting of participants and is responsible to them for the proper implementation of their powers.

Approves the charitable programs of the Fund by the Supervisory Board, which controls the compliance of the activities and use of the Fund’s assets with its constituent documents,

Reports to the general meeting of the Fund’s participants on the results of control over these issues.

The exclusive competence of the General Meeting of Participants includes amendments to the Articles of Association, admission of persons to the Fund and their exclusion from the membership, appointment, election and suspension or termination (revocation) of the Chairman of the Fund and members of the Supervisory Board.

Principle 6. Management and finance

The charitable foundation is aimed at the strategy of stable provision of resources and as the most effective use of them for the public good.


  • We have clear policies and measures that help achieve the statutory goals of charitable programs, and the board and executive staff ensure that administrative activities meet their needs.
  • We always use official channels for the transfer of funds – charitable donations, which are sent to charity in accordance with the statute and agreements with Philanthropists, Beneficiaries, contractors.

Control and inspection

  • We carry out accounting in accordance with the standards of Ukraine.
  • We ensure the transparency of financial statements regarding the receipt of charitable donations, intended use (costs).
  • We display the results of activities on the official website of the Foundation, which can be viewed by both Philanthropists and other stakeholders.
  • At the request of the Benefactor, we provide a detailed report on the use of funds (assets).

Principle 7. Internal policies, procedures, support programs

The Charitable Foundation has developed a clear list of regulations and procedures that define the mission, goals, objectives and relevant programs, which can be clarified in the light of changing circumstances.

Mutual respect

We build our relationships with stakeholders – individuals, partner organizations, public authorities and local governments, the media, etc. on the principles of mutual respect.

Selection of partners and beneficiaries

Aimed at thorough acquaintance with our potential partners and beneficiaries, which allows us to effectively implement the mission of the Charitable Foundation.


During our work we do not disclose private information about our donors, partners, founders, staff, beneficiaries, at the same time we make sure that they act in accordance with the law.

Open communication

  • We provide open communication with the community by various means.
  • We maintain open contacts with authoritative people, with the press.
  • We provide access to information on the Charter of the Charitable Foundation, the composition of the board, goals, procedures, activities, charitable donations and expenses.
  • We disseminate information about the results of our programs and activities.

Regular reporting

We publish regular reports or a specially developed information package, which consists of:

  • comparison of the goals and activities of the charitable foundation for the reporting period and previous years;
  • conclusions on sources of income, profits and expenses;
  • descriptive report on aid programs / grants;
  • composition of the board and staff.

Our purpose

The main task of the Foundation is charitable activities in the field of promoting the protection of citizens during emergencies of martial law and peace, including in the field of medicine, health and life, environment, etc., including with the involvement of foreign philanthropists – funds, organizations, individuals, as well as promoting the implementation of programs and activities aimed at restoring the infrastructure of Ukraine.

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